We have created the following committees to focus our attention in these specific areas. If you have any questions or want to get involved, please contact one of our co-chairs.

Advocacy Committee

The mission of the Advocacy Committee is to further LASR’s goal of ending systemic racism by taking our members’ skills out of the courtroom and into other venues that effectuate change. Advocacy Committee includes: informing voters on issues and candidates in elections that will influence racial equity in our communities; working with local leadership and legislative bodies on creating anti-racist policies and laws; and other realms of influence where advocacy is needed to further the mission of LASR.

Community Outreach & Events Committee

The Community Outreach and Events Committee recognizes that we are stronger when we come together to bring about meaningful change and reform in our fight to end systemic racism. We seek to build connections with individuals, local interest groups, and community leaders in Pierce County to educate ourselves and others about racism, protest racist policies and actions, and help people in our community that are impacted by systemic racism.

Local Court Reform Committee

The Local Court Reform Committee focuses on fighting systemic racism in our local judicial system by examining areas we can improve upon, such as pre-trial release, sentencing, and developing ways we can effectuate meaningful change.


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