Who We Are

Lawyers Against Systemic Racism (LASR) was created in June of 2020 by a group of attorneys in Tacoma, Washington who want to effectuate meaningful change within the legal system.

Attorneys have a front row seat to the systemic racial discrimination which infiltrates the legal system on every level. We see discrimination in the laws passed by the legislative system, many of which disproportionately affect or target people of color. We see discrimination in the enforcement of those laws by police officers who brutalize and sometimes even murder our clients of color. We see discrimination in the polices of the prosecutors who have tremendous power in deciding what charges to file and what plea bargains to offer. We see discrimination in the bail amounts and sentences imposed by judges. We see discrimination in juries, which are often comprised entirely of white individuals.

This systemic discrimination results in our clients of color being prosecuted more frequently, more harshly, and with more collateral consequences. And it has gone on for far too long.

Our mission is to end systemic racial discrimination in the Pierce County legal system and beyond. We will use our skills and connections as lawyers, in collaboration with other individuals and organizations, to identify specific areas of racial discrimination that we can change and develop concrete ways we can change them. By doing so, we will not only help our clients of color, but help the community at large.

Together we can be the change in Pierce County